On 11 April 2017 the AMRA Directors elected the first AMRA Chairman, Sami Ghabrial (Managing Director, Marketeers Research, Egypt). Sami is a Telecommunication Engineer, with an MBA degree (The American University in Cairo), with the concomitant logical mind and sense for the meaning behind numbers. His marketing management expertise was obtained with two great institutions: Xerox, with its best management practice and healthy business culture, and Pepsi with its great marketing. He has attained cross industrial experience and learnt to manage well new challenges in interactions with great clients such as UL, P&G, GM, RB, and PMI in many countries and across cultures. Sami has created a wonderful team of young and enthusiastic professionals within Marketeers.

At the same meeting, the AMRA Directors also formed seven AMRA Board Subcommittees that will each be chaired by an AMRA Board member, and that will be responsible to fulfil the AMRA mandate across Africa:

Subcommittee Chair First Priority

Membership Development

Joy Uyanwune
  • Develop a database of current and potential members
Professional Conduct

AMRA Office
  • Develop the AMRA Complaints Policy and Procedures
  • Develop an Integrity programme
Professional Development and Accreditation

Sami Ghabrial
  • Develop qualitative research courses, starting with moderator training
Africa Forum

Jane Nzomo
  • Plan and implement the second Africa Forum for 22 and 23 February 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya
Publications and Research

Leonie Vorster
  • Set up a collection portal with information about and for market research in African countries, including a directory of suppliers
Marketing and Advertising Services for Members

Abdel Wahab Chaoui
  • Develop an interface for requesting quotes, with associations input
Advocacy and Public Relations

Leonie Vorster
  • Develop the existing value propositions and benefits
  • Develop a press release schedule and allocate authors
  • Develop sponsorship opoortunities
AMRA Appoints its First Chairman and Subcommittees