The second Africa Forum, organised by the African Market Research Association (AMRA) in association with the Marketing & Social Research Association (MSRA, Kenya), the Nigerian Marketing Research Association (NiMRA), the Southern African Marketing Research Association (SAMRA) and ESOMAR will be held on 22 and 23 February 2018 at the Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. The Forum aims to:

  • Raise awareness about the positive aspects of Africa’s diversity
  • Increase confidence and positive predisposition towards the execution of research in Africa
  • Provide best practice for Research approach and execution in Africa
  • Increase volume and value of research conducted in Africa and significantly increase Africa’s contribution to Global research spend.

Be part of the event by strutting your stuff in the Exhibitor Space. Exhibitors will be placed in the foyer of the main event venue. The foyer is a wide space where delegates will take refreshment breaks. We offer two exhibition packages to suit any budget, big or small. Exhibitors can choose from two packages:

  1. Engage Package US$1000 Only four spots available. Two days, 2m x 2m space, including standard trestle table, tablecloth and 2 x chairs but excluding any additional technical equipment (e.g. screens, electric cables, laptops etc.). Two pull up banners are allowed, but no wall mounted branding. Up to two exhibitor representatives are present for demonstrations, personal interaction, and one-on-one communication with delegates.
  2. Display Package US$300 Maximum thirty spots available. Display collateral (e.g. printed display material such as profiles, brochures, leaflets, fact sheets). AMRA will supply display racks with an A4 slot allocated for the collateral of each exhibitor, placed in the delegate refreshment area. Each exhibitor can replenish the collateral in their allocated slot throughout the two days of the event.

Exhibitors sign an agreement with AMRA, ensuring that you and AMRA derive maximum benefit from the selected exhibitor package. See attached the floor plan with the Engage Package slots indicated, as well as the check sheet for Engage Exhibitors.

Contact us on for more information – first come, first served!